Technical equipment

The Laboratory for CSF and Neuroimmunology has been outlined as a top-ranking centre of its kind in the framework of the Czech Republic – an expert SEQC workplace and postgraduate education centre.

Naturally, this is conditioned by appropriate device equipment that enables performing of analytical methods at an appropriate level.

The analysis of liquor protein fractions requires methods of adequate sensitivity: laser nephelometry (Dade Behring BN II) and electrochemiluminiscent immunoanalysis (ROCHE Elecsys, DPC Immulite).

The ELISA methodology covers a wide range of applications in liquor diagnostics; whether it includes the determination of antibodies against neurotropic microbial agents or the determination of low-concentration proteins and peptides, such as cytokines or CNS structural proteins. A real-time PCR cycler is available for the detection of the liquor microbial genome. The sensitive IEF methodology with immunoblotting is used for the determination of oligoclonal immunoglobulins.

A continuous recording spectrophotometer is used for acute neurodiagnostics and proving of brain haemorrhage.

The education centre of liquor cytology requires quality microscopic devices with multiple image modalities such as Olympus microscopes with UIS2 optical system (models CX 41or BX 51).