Stanovisko k prohlášení EAN k Ukrajině

Dear Professor Bassetti,

I have received Your „STATEMENT FROM EAN PRESIDENT ON SITUATION IN UKRAINE“ and I feel obliged to respond. It is my utter belief that even an „apolitical, neutral organisation” must not conceal the truth and must call a spade a spade. To call this brutal war a „conflict“ or a „crisis“ is a euphemism far from the truth. It is evident that Russia is the aggressor in this war, attacking and invading the territory of a sovereign state Ukraine. There are women, children, and civilians among confirmed victims.

Calls for peace are noble-minded, however, if we cowardly conceal the truth, we are encouraging the aggressor to further vile actions. The first step towards restoring peace is stopping the evil and giving it its proper name. It was Russia which started this war in Ukraine, let’s unanimously condemn the war actions of Russia and challenge the aggressor to stop them immediately.

Dr. Ondřej Sobek, MD, CSc, MIAC
Laboratory for CSF, Neuroimmunology, Pathology and Special Diagnostics
Clinical laboratory accredited according EN ISO 15189
Expert laboratory workplace for EQA in CSF
Prague, Czech Republic



It is with great sadness and concern that we at the European Academy of Neurology (EAN) learn of the situation rapidly unfolding in Ukraine. While we remain an apolitical, neutral organisation      representing healthcare professionals across Europe, including both Ukraine and Russia, we abhor the use of violence or war and see no place for either in settling disputes of any kind. We          hope and plead for a rapid and peaceful resolution to this conflict, so that as many lives as possible may be spared.
We call for all agencies and organisations providing humanitarian support in the region to receive the support and resources they need to respond to the crisis, and that they are not obstructed      or prevented from providing humanitarian or medical assistance to those in need.
On behalf of the EAN, we ask you to consider contributing to organisations which are setting up relief efforts to help civilian casualties and refugees in the region.

EAN is also committed to supporting neurological work forces affected by the current situation. We continue to monitor the situation closely.
We remain hopeful for a peaceful conclusion to this crisis soon and in the meantime implore both sides to ensure humanitarian and medical aid can reach those who need it, regardless of  allegiance.

Claudio L.A. Bassetti
President of the European Academy of Neurology

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